Mission Statement

I will in general eat healthy, eat "normal" food, without gimmicks, pills, surgery, or trademarked diets. I will log all calories consumed and estimate calories burned on a daily basis. I will then be able to track my progress and estimate arrival time to my goals through My Food Log. I will also develop non-food rewards for reaching my goals knowing that reaching each goal is a reward in-and-of itself. I will not give up. I know that I will not be perfect but that I am making a permanent lifestyle change. The good days will out-number the bad days. I will not give up!


Free Diets

A short post tonight. So far I've had no takers on my offer for free diet planning. The offer is still open to the first 25 people who respond. In other news, I have lost another pound. Go me!

Has anyone talked to Flabuless lately? I haven't seen a post since the announcement of her co-blogging with The Incredible Shrinking Ladies. I worry about her in light of her recent personal troubles. Lady Rose seems to be doing well. And although The Middle Aged Shed is down one buddy, they seem to be shedding along. Hang in there. We Can Do It!

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Flabuless said...

I'm here baby girl...sorry slipped off the face of the earth there for a little while..but I am back on my medication...lol check out my latest post on Shrinking Ladies...and back on track...thank goodness.

thanks for your concern and love...it means so much to know that someone would care if they never heard from me again.!