Mission Statement

I will in general eat healthy, eat "normal" food, without gimmicks, pills, surgery, or trademarked diets. I will log all calories consumed and estimate calories burned on a daily basis. I will then be able to track my progress and estimate arrival time to my goals through My Food Log. I will also develop non-food rewards for reaching my goals knowing that reaching each goal is a reward in-and-of itself. I will not give up. I know that I will not be perfect but that I am making a permanent lifestyle change. The good days will out-number the bad days. I will not give up!


Tomorrow Today

I am working extra this weekend. I hope I will be able to post at some point over the weekend, but I already know that tomorrow is out of the question. So here's tomorrow's post today.

This is more information that I picked up from the Shrink Down... the series of free healthy living seminars that I participated in at the beginning of the year. And I thought this would be a good time to mention the source of this information which is America On The Move.
Tomorrow Today's topic is 10 Ways To Cut Fat In Food:

Eat 3 or less egg yolks per week.

Avoid frying food... bake, roast, microwave, broil, or boil instead.

Use less oil in the pan by incorporating cooking spray and/or non-stick coated cooking surfaces.

Use liquid vegetable oils instead of butter or lard.

Skim the fat from soups and stocks. It's easier to do if the liquid is chilled.

Eat more grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, peas, legumes, and lentils. Use the above methods for preparation.

Drink water. 8-10 glasses per day. This helps you stay fuller and helps flush toxins from the system. Also, substituting caffeine free liquids for SOME of the water is OK.

Choose lower fat food products when purchasing at the store. Read labels for fat content and opt for lower fat foods.

Have fruits for dessert, or low fat yogurt, ice-milk, or sorbet instead of fattier desserts. Except for chocolates and caramels, most desserts are fruit based anyway.

Have healthy snacks on-hand. Fresh fruits, low fat popcorn, rice cakes....OK...ICK!... vegetable sticks (like carrots) and low-fat granola bars or cereal.

Incorporate these suggestions into your daily menus. Most of the suggestions are for subtle changes. You might not even miss the fats you cut out by using these tips.

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