Mission Statement

I will in general eat healthy, eat "normal" food, without gimmicks, pills, surgery, or trademarked diets. I will log all calories consumed and estimate calories burned on a daily basis. I will then be able to track my progress and estimate arrival time to my goals through My Food Log. I will also develop non-food rewards for reaching my goals knowing that reaching each goal is a reward in-and-of itself. I will not give up. I know that I will not be perfect but that I am making a permanent lifestyle change. The good days will out-number the bad days. I will not give up!


Wait! Wait! Water Weight?

by Christina_2009

Did you know the average person's body weight will fluctuate about 3 pounds from day to day? This is due to water retention or release. This is one reason people who are dieting should NOT get on the scale everyday.

There are varying opinions of how often one should weight. I think Bob Greene suggests weighing at the end of a 3 month period. I try not to weigh more than once a month. Some folks do it once a week. And then there are those who are addicted to the scale, they weigh everyday and sometimes more than once a day. This type of obsession with the scale is only a set up for failure. There really is very little you can do to prevent this 3 pound fluctuation and ladies... it's worse for us than the men.
Some things that can influence water retention include:
amount of salt or sodium in even just one serving of a particular food
the body's general level of hydration
amount of sleep you get (in one night or on a regular basis)
how much exercise you are doing
type of exercise you are doing
how long you stay in the bath
amount of fiber in your diet
your diet in general.
In other words, there are too many factors to control to count on eliminating that daily fluctuation. Sure you could take steps to minimize this fluctuation, but I think your energy would be better spent developing your healthy eating habits and exercising more. Bottom line... stay off the scale as much as possible. Work on changing your menu, eating habits, and incorporate more physical activity. Don't worry about what the scale says. Focus on your habits. You WILL see positive changes.

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