Mission Statement

I will in general eat healthy, eat "normal" food, without gimmicks, pills, surgery, or trademarked diets. I will log all calories consumed and estimate calories burned on a daily basis. I will then be able to track my progress and estimate arrival time to my goals through My Food Log. I will also develop non-food rewards for reaching my goals knowing that reaching each goal is a reward in-and-of itself. I will not give up. I know that I will not be perfect but that I am making a permanent lifestyle change. The good days will out-number the bad days. I will not give up!


Twin Speaks

by Christina2009

Such an inspirational phrase I just had to do an article on it right away...

"The most important pound to lose is the next one," says one of the twins on The Biggest Loser. His words just keep ringing in my ear. I've established a bad habit of taking a break on the weekends. Overall my eating habits are better. I'm not buying junk food so the foods I eat over the weekend are generally good, but I still eat too much. Basically I am working hard 4 nights out of the week and slacking off 3. It is no wonder that I feel like I take 2 steps forward and one step back. That is essentially what I'm doing. I need to not reward myself for 4 good days by allowing 3 not so good days to happen. I need to remember the twin's phrase and repeat it frequently, especially over the weekends.

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